AutoQuery GPT

What is AutoQuery GPT?

AutoQuery GPT was established to facilitate users to ask questions and get answers automatically from ChatGPT.

You can only run one query at a time. Otherwise, you will get an error.

Its purpose is to provide users with time-saving and performance benefits.

Users can use this site by using their own API key to ask questions to ChatGPT and save the answers as a file, using the Query Block and Query Excel features.

Click on How to use ? for detailed usage explanation.

Users use their own api key. If you do not know how to get the api key, click How to get api key.

In Query Blocks, users can create question blocks and paste their questions into them for use. With this feature, it becomes possible to send multiple questions to ChatGPT at once.

The Query Excel feature allows users to upload Excel files or copy and paste the Excel table to ask questions to ChatGPT. With this feature, users can quickly access large amounts of data and manage their operations more easily.

Both features allow users to save the answers as a file ( Excel - Word - Txt - Json ). As a result, users can easily access the answers later and manage their operations more efficiently.

These features of AutoQueryGPT enable users to use ChatGPT more effectively and manage their operations faster and more easily.

Users have the option to save their API key locally, but we never store or share it with anyone.
Please note that all queries made through our system are kept confidential and are never shared. With AutoQuery GPT, users can easily get answers to their questions using ChatGPT.

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We hope you find our system easy to use and helpful.

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